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5 Factors That Affect a Woman’s Sex Drive

coupleUnlocking the secrets of a woman’s libido


If we were to limit our sources to advertisements and pop-culture, we might arrive at the conclusion that men are the only humans concerned with inhibited libido and sexual performance —but nothing could be further from the truth.


While most of the popular focus is on men, most women enjoy sex just as much as their partners. However, their drive to have sex can be a little more complicated.


The ebb and flow of the female libido


Before diving into the underlying factors, it’s important to understand that it’s perfectly natural for a woman’s sex drive to have peaks and valleys. The following factors can affect normal libido fluctuations, as well as more persistent states of sexual interest:


1. Confidence. Our minds have been described as our “biggest sexual organ” – and how women feel about themselves and their partners plays a crucial role in their desire for sexual activity. Unrealistic standards set by movies and advertisements have caused many women to feel as if they have to look like an airbrushed model to be sexy. This can put pressure on relationships in and out of the bedroom, leading to general anxiety about sexual relations.


The fact of the matter is there’s simply not a one-size-fits-all description for “sexy.” Complimenting the individual characteristics that make your partner sexy – anything from her eyes and ankles to her mind – can help create libido-enhancing confidence.


2. Stress. While sex can provide significant stress relief, stressful interactions both within and outside of a relationship can have a negative impact on a woman’s libido. Relaxation techniques such as exercise, yoga, or a sensual massage can help relieve stress and trigger erotic feelings.


3. Fitness. Exercising regularly boosts confidence and sex drive. A proper exercise routine promotes hormonal balance, alleviates stress (see above), and generates an improved self-image (see above).


4. Diet. Poor dietary habits can contribute to a variety of factors that affect libido, such as increased menstrual pain, depression, a lack of energy, and general malaise. Foods such as berries, watermelon, chickpeas, and black licorice have been shown to be associated with improved libido.


5. Medications. Pharmaceuticals can affect everything from hormone levels to hydration, and some can pull the plug on a woman’s libido. Medications like SSRIs (an antidepressant), as well as beta-blockers (blood pressure meds), have been shown to negatively impact sexual desire in certain people. In addition, antihistamines can lead to vaginal dryness and birth control pills can disrupt hormonal balances, thereby affecting a woman’s libido.


The future of women’s sexual therapy


While highs and lows in any libido are perfectly normal, changes lasting longer than a few weeks should prompt a doctor’s visit. Unfortunately, treatments for sexual dysfunction in women aren’t as numerous or advanced as those for men. However, many conditions can be remedied via a proper diagnosis and treatment – and there is a wave of ongoing research on new interventions to stimulate the female libido, including treatments that focus on hormonal and central-nervous system mechanisms.


Of course, the sexual health of a woman’s partner can contribute to many of the above factors. When a man’s sex drive is in full swing, his partner feels more desirable, which contributes to improved sexual image and overall fun in the bedroom.


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